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    Locked out? Need new deadbolts? Keys made? Locks re-keyed? Purchased a new home? Asking Questions is KEY!

    Please take the time to educate yourself before you are in an emergency situation. If you are using the phone book, internet or Google maps, there are a few things to consider when choosing a locksmith.

    Take the time to ask a few questions:

    Here's a great first question: Where are you located? Some disreputable companies list phony street addresses. When you make the “local” call, your call could actually go to a call center out of state.  On the other hand many legitimate locksmiths may not include a business address on their website or ad because they operate as a mobile business. The mobile locksmith service vehicles are outfitted with the tools of the trade and are the locksmith’s “SHOP ON WHEELS”.

    You could also ask: How long have you been in business? How long have you been operating in this location? Where were you located prior? Am I speaking to the person who will do the work?

    Can I get an estimate? Another great question! Most legitimate locksmiths will give you an estimate on the phone. An estimate should include all work, replacement parts and any additional fees including the service call or mileage/trip charge. Estimates for a lockout should be simple, straightforward and not subject to change. Many other situations are also easily priced over the phone. If the situation is complex, a legitimate locksmith will estimate what they can and explain to you any issues they may have to see in person before estimating a price.  Don't be afraid to ask for a price!  

    What types of payment are accepted? If checks are accepted ask what company to make the check payable to.  If there is no company name, that can be a red flag.

    When the locksmith arrives, expect them to ask you for identification as well. They need to ensure you are the legitimate owner of the home, business or vehicle.

    Once the locksmith has inspected the situation, ask if the estimate has changed and decide whether you want to proceed.  If you decide to have the work done, it is your right to receive any old replaced parts back upon request.

    Don't be a victim:

    Never sign a blank form authorizing work.

    Do not pay for service in advance.

    If you are in a locked out situation, be cautious if you are told the lock needs to be drilled and replaced. An experienced, legitimate locksmith has the education and necessary tools that enable them to unlock almost any door.

    Be aware of scammers. There are certain individuals who are placing multiple locksmith listings (sometimes 30 or more in a single phone book and/or search engine) with different names, phone numbers and phony addresses tailored to convince consumers they are dealing with a local company. When you call the number you are actually connected to a out-of-state call center where you will be quoted a reasonable price.

    In this situation, the person claiming to be a locksmith typically arrives in an unmarked vehicle without proper credentials and may perform unnecessary or sub-standard work. In many instances the consumer is told the lock cannot be opened and therefore, it is necessary to drill it out and replace it with a new lock. The bill sometimes is 10 to 15 times higher than the original phone quote and the individual may only accept cash for services performed.

     Be informed & protect yourself.


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